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International Environmental Youth Campaign Links

2024 Intro - IMT Philippine 40ktpy Plant Investment Overview

2024 - IMT Philippine 40ktpy Plant Investment Opportunity (FULL)
2024 IMT Corp Investment Introduction

2024 Series A - IMT Corp Investment Opportunity Deck

2024 IMT Plant 40,000TPY Control Assumptions

IMT Board / Executive Management Team

European Plant Tours
Video - An Introduction to IMT Plastic Recycling
Philippines Opportunity Overview
IMT Philippines Plant Presentation Deck
Philippines Science and Environment Education Center

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Letter of Intent
Subic Bay Business Authority Document Answers
Officers of Pacrim Global, LLC
UN 17 Points Commitment

IMT Investment Intro Deck

IMT Corp Bridge Funding Presentation Deck

Plastics Melt Temperatures
Final ACC Test Presentation

Long Beach Presentation
Long Beach Online Application

IMT Product Brochure
GovPlast Brochure
GovPlast Pricelist

Recyklace - Transform Catalog
IMT - Retail Side by Side Comparison
IMT Auto Shredder Plastic Waste Overview
IMT Solution to Recycling Mixed Waste Plastic

IMT Stadler Front End Technical Walkthrough
IMT One Time Investment Opportunity
IMT Executive Summary
IMT Heavy Construction Examples

AG Plastics
IMT 3D Profiles

IMT Building Blocks
IMT Kit House Assembly

Kit House Build Sequence
Cutting and Drilling Recycled Plastic Products at Replas
Dawn Fraser Pool Large Profile Installation

Court JRA / Glass Litigation online overview link
Stadler Endorsement Letter
International Solid Waste Integrated Management Specialist Inc. Profile
Plastic News - Feb 19, 2024
Plastics News - Apr 08, 2024


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